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CNCF Cloud Native AI (CNAI) Paper is out! (KubeCon24)

Refer to the following for link to download the CNAI working group report (Mar 2024, CNCF presented @KubeCon24 Paris)

CNCF AI Working Group – Cloud Native Artificial Intelligence Paper




Container Orchestration is Everywhere...

 While the use of Docker Compose is often viable in development contexts, CNCF Kubernetes is the contemporary go-to technology for production-grade secure container orchestration at scale, able to provisioning resilient, fault-tolerant workloads (usually) in multi-tenanted contexts. 

Kubernetes (K8S) deployment options range from …

  • performing a ‘fully-manual’ cluster install (kubeadm) on local infrastructure / on-prem.
  • use of minikube to spin-up a quick-&-dirty lightweight local (single-node) cluster for development purposes (only).
  • full-manual installation of cluster on virtual servers from your Cloud-Vendor of choice (IaaS).
  • use of AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) where Amazon as Cloud-Vendor provisions K8s cluster (PaaS).
  • use of GCP Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) Service leveraging Google as Cloud-Vendor managing K8s Cluster provisioning (PaaS).





Amazon EKS

Amazon offers the managed Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) which provisions an AWS-hosted Kubernetes Control Plane.

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