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JESS Certification Guides Overview

This page provides links to JESS course summaries, learning materials, hints, tips and practice exam questions. These free resources are provided as useful for people attempting contemporary CNCF and AWS Certification Exams.

Popular AWS Certifications
CNCF CKAD / CKA /CKS Exam Overviews

Follow the set of links at bottom of the CKAD/ CKA / CKS pages for essential details on each Curriculum Overview, Handbook & FAQs.




Important Instructions: CKA and CKAD

Frequently Asked Questions: CKA and CKAD & CKS

URL domains and resources accessible using the Exam VM browser;

NEW Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) Guide

Learn & certify on the Kubernetes skills required to administer and operate Kubernetes clusters at the professional level, and advance your career in Kubernetes !

BPB Publications Link to be available shortly

Available as eBook or Paperback

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From bpbonline.com

CKAD /CKA - PSI Exam UI - Setup for Practice

In the authors first CNCF exam (CKAD) the session emulation environment was found to be surprisingly tricky to use. CNCF CKAD & CKA exam formats permit the use of a restricted set of kuberneter.io website URLs, but use of embedded features like the browser is difficult. Thankfully, PSI provide a training session emulation which can be spun up for environment familiariation purposes before sitting the real online exam.

Important Instructions: CKA and CKAD

CNCF – Exam Session – Container Practice Environment