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AWS Cloud Platform Solutions

JESS Ltd has extensive experience in the design, implementation and delivery of AWS Cloud Platforms (PaaS solutions) encompassing orchestrated container-management environments, serverless designs, CICD Automation & DevOps/ DevSecOps assignments. 

The technical know-how and lessons-learned, across multiple successful full-lifecycle technical project deliveries, have been captured in a series of JESS Solution Architecture Catalogs.

This blog will delve into some of these technical solutions, discussing the business & technical challenges, the approach undertaken and key aspects of the working AWS Solution.

JESS AWS Guidelines & common consulting snippets...

Our design principles, best practices and conventions are drawn from years of industry contract engagements and technical project management experience. Some key takeaways on our contemporary design practices;

  • Containerise to draw out the benefits of the AWS Cloud (EKS/ Kubernetes, ECS, AMI).
  • Leverage contemporary API and Messaging technologies and capabilities (API Gateway, AppSync, Kinesis, MSK, Kafka, SQS, SNS).
  • One AWS Cloud ‘Sweet Spot’ is the pragmatic choice of Managed Service Provisions where operationally viable and cost effective.
  • DevOps, SecOps & RTL (Route-To-Live) provisions are integral to our way of thinking, not after thoughts (Architecture).
  • Automation in AWS DevOps centres on Terraform-scripted resource provision and associated CICD Pipeline-driven management of the infrastructure & application domains (TFM, GitHub Actions, AWS CDK, CloudFormation, Jenkins).
  • Best Practice to integrate DevSecOps process & methodologies into CICD Pipelines, favour weighting preventive over detective controls (DevSecOps). 
  • An AWS governance investment using AWS Control Tower/ Organisation/AWS SSO/ Account Vending/ pays dividends in larger companies w distributed business units and typically disparate cloud operations (AWS Governance & Security Controls).
  • The Integration Domain should always be treated as a first-class citizen across the cloud enterprise (Design).
  • Addressing organisational challenges, team-dynamics and evolving ways-of-working are part and parcel to the delivery of successful project outcomes (Projects).
  • Many companies continue to face the sternest organisational & technical challenges attempting to manage and integrate hybrid cloud environments and migrate on-premise systems (Projects, Design).